Calibration Certification on Humidity Indicators & Dataloggers can calibrate your instruments to the manufacturer's original specifications or where required, to specifications provided by the customer.

In-house Calibration

All calibrations are fully traceable to recognised national or international standards.

Typical Instruments covered: Datalogging Systems, Hand Held Humidity Indicators, Humidity Transmitters, Digital Indicator with Probe, Humidity Loggers, Humidity Recorders and RH Transmitters.

Humidity Range Covered: 10% to 95% RH.

Traceable Calibrations

Calibrations performed in-house are fully traceable to recognised international standards. We offer fully traceable calibration certification to national standards. We have technical support staff available to discuss your requirements.

Using a fully integrated software system and the latest technology in instrumentation, we are able to calibrate your instruments efficiently and at the same time log its progress through our laboratory, from the moment it arrives, to the time it is dispatched.

Hanwell RL4000RHT Temperature and Humidity logger


Hanwell RL4000RHT Temperature and Humidity logger The Hanwell RL4000 RH/T Series of accurate temperature and humidity sensors are available in data logger & radio transmitter formats.

Free Quotation on Repairs

Should your instrument be the worse for wear, we have experienced service personnel available to advise you on repair costs and parts required.

Technical Support

We can provide technical support, via telephone or e-mail, on supported equipment. (Our support service is available freely to all our customers, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.)

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